This is an IRC project that i started simply because i wanted to try making an IRC client using Flex, one of those “is it possible?” projects ;)

I am planning to make an AIR version too, since the Adobe’s cross-domain policy is a real pain, making security implicitly is simply not a good idea and one of the Adobe’s wrong moves. Most of the admins that run IRC server and i talked to had no problem with my client connecting there but also had no time to set up some crazy socket policy daemons, so i ended up using socket proxies or other rather ugly solutions for quite a time. Finally i was able to find an IRC server where admin was a great guy and even set a shell account for me so i could put up my own perl scripts for setting the cross-domain straight. Why Adobe oh why… its pain, security should be defined explicitly not implicitly.

Latest version: CoreIRC page

Forum link: CoreIRC forum topic

Once i have a major version stable i will probably release source code as well, till then when you have a question about the implementation just ask ;)